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Video Assist & Media Asset Management in Köln, NRW

Jones Video Services can provide Knowledge and Experience that benefit your Production. Together We will Configure the Video Solution and/or Data Workflow that suits Your Production most.

If it’s more demanding VFX shoots or just Studio or On Location – for every instance there’s a perfect solution. With experience in Features, Series, Online- and TV-Commercials Jones Video Services will be your partner in crime.

QTAKEHD – the leading, most advanced Video Assist Software on the market – creates a digital and flexible Workflow on Set and provides countless opportunities for all Creatives, Technicians, Agency and Costumers to support their Vision.

Jones Video Service is led by Jonas Karg, specialised QTAKE Operator, Video Assist Operator, Data Wrangler and DIT Assistent – working in the film industry since 2014 – based in Cologne, NRW, Germany.

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Advantages for Your Production

QTAKE is a Software to record, playback and edit the Live Video Signal right on Set as instant as possible. Features like synchronised Playback of two Cameras, Split Screen, Overlays and individual Frame Lines are only the most basic Features of the Software.

The manipulation of Colors right On Set (Live-Grading) for Reference and Look eDvelopment is useful helper for every DOP. The possibility to create edits and rough cuts in an NLE timeline will get the directors input directly to the cutter. Those Grades and Edits can be easily integrated into Post Production thanks to LUT, CDL and EDL export.

Up to 16 Costumers and Colleagues are able to stream a Live Feed of two Cameras at once on their iOS devices with low Latency. For Production with high Demands of Footage Security there’s the Possibility of individual Watermarks for each Device and User.

QTAKE can also handle Two Layer Real Time Compositing, which is an absolute Must-Have for Handling and Referencing Visual Effects Shots. The VFX Supervisor will thank you!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a anamorphic Feature Film or a Commercial for Instagram – with this System you’ll be able to shoot your Projects more efficient and convenient. Don’t let anything up to Chance!

More features like Stereoscopic Muxing (3D), CGI with Motion Control (MoCo) and Virtual Reality (VR) on request.

New Ovide Smart Dock (QTAKE HDx2)

Extremely Portable and Efficient Two Camera Video System now available!

  • Advanced On Set Editing/Compositing/Color Capabilites
  • iOS Streaming with individual Watermarks!
  • Easy Metadata Integration into existing Dailies/Post/VFX-Workflows (Colorfront/Silverstack).


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